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LSIS Power Semiconductor Module

Our range of products include LSIS Power Semiconductor Module such as Power Semiconductor, 600V IGBT Module, LSIS 600V IGBT Module 2 Pack, LSIS 600V IGBT Module 4 Pack, LSIS 600V IGBT Module CI(PIM) Information, LSIS 600V IGBT Module CIB (PIM) Information and many more items.

Power Semiconductor

LSIS sets the long term goal as “Total solution provider in power semiconductors”, providing system solutions based on power semiconductors. LSIS is now producing and going to develop a low-cost and high-performance Power Semiconductor Modules including Application Specific IPMs (ASIPM) for Industry applications, Power supplies, Renewable energy, Automotive and Home appliances.

Application Specific Power Modules-Simple Solution Power Modules (SISPMTM):

IGBT : 4-Pack
MOSFET : 2-Pack, 4-Pack, 6-Pack
- Eco Frindly Power Module (EFPM)
MOSFET: 2-Pack, 6-Pack

Standard Power Module
- Super Solution Power Module (SUSPM)
IGBT: 1-Pack, 2-Pack, Chopper
DIODE: Single, Series, Common Cathode, Common Anode
- Simple Solution Power Module (SISPM)
IGBT: 1 CI, 3 CI, 1 CIB, 6-Pack

600V IGBT Module

600V IGBT Module protection functions ESD and Transient voltage protection Shoot-through protection Very low VCE(sat) with positive temperature coefficient Package Information